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Planning / Development / Optimization

In today's world, reliable production facilities with high efficiency and availability have become more important than ever. To enable our customers to focus fully on their own specialist areas, we offer them our extensive expertise in the optimisation and modernisation of existing facilities, as well as in the planning and development of new facilities. Thanks to our client-oriented quality management system which is tailored to the customer, processes are constantly being optimised to make them more efficient. Customer benefits also extend into the areas of process optimisation, energy recovery (electricity from heaz), product recovery, reduced CO2 emissions and a reduction in operating costs (lifetime operating cost).

Here, we draw on over two decades of experience with products of different manufacturers in a wide range of markets and production processes.

In order to develop a tailor-made solution for our customers, we represent LHS Clean Air Systems and would be happy to advise you on the entire product range of our partner.

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Planning / construction / conversion of electrostatic precipitators

Ruhr Montan Environmental plans both new facilities as well as the modernisation and improvement in performance of existing installations. For this, our employees not only use well-established CAD systems in 2D and 3D, but also computer simulated calculations, such as CFD modelling. We design individual dust removal facilities as well as process filters, e.g. in cement production. Thanks to our long-standing experience, we are able to develop and deliver the often requested conversions of electrostatic precipitators into fabric bag filters.


Beschaffung / Fertigung

Dank eines weltweiten Verbundes an zertifizierten Fertigungspartnern werden bei Lieferungen immer lokale Möglichkeiten genutzt und Logistikkosten optimiert. Das internationale Lieferantennetzwerk gewährleistet die termingerechte Belieferung mit Zukaufteilen. Qualität hat überall oberste Priorität - kompromisslos - und wird durch qualifizierte Inspektoren gesichert.

Assembly / Commissioning

We can offer you the installation and commissioning of our systems and conversions either as a turn-key project or a master assembly. However, the highest priority is always given to timely completion, quality assurance of the services provided and safety during installation and operation.

By providing professional training and guidance to your employees, we will assist you in ensuring that your filter installations operate economically and reliably even after they have been brought into service.

Service/spare parts

Always accessible for you!

Kontinuierliche Wartung garantiert stabile Produktionsprozesse und hohe Anlagenverfügbarkeit. RME bietet hierfür die wichtigste Voraussetzung - über Jahre gesammeltes Know-how der Mitarbeiter. Serviceverträge von RME machen Wartungsaufwände planbar und sparen Geld und Personalkapazität.

  • Feasibility studies and cost analyses
  • Project management
  • Assessment and choice of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Technical-economic optimization of existing filter systems
  • Offer support and negotiations company for the acquisition of written out projects
  • Planning and construction of procedure-technical arrangements
  • Care and training of customers on site, worldwide
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